About near-by.in

Near-by.in is one of India’s best online search platforms that brings users and vendors together into a single entity. We at near-by.in work hard to bring local dealers and customers on a single platform that enables them to discover each other and brings your world much closer to you. It could be a relaxing spa treatment at one of the city's top luxurious spa centers or a world-class hair treatment on a shoestring budget; near-by.in makes it happen in a matter of seconds.

Especially for local vendors, near-by.in provides strong brand awareness and an integrated real-time visibility platform that empowers the merchants to easily discover their establishments and provide customers with the best deals in and around their surroundings.

Currently, we are operating in 10+ cities, 5+ categories, and have over 500+ vendors across 100+ unique locations.

The online search services of near-by.in are available to multiple users across various platforms, such as websites, and on social networking sites.

Our near-by.in, an online search platform, fulfils the gap between customers and merchants and builds a healthy relationship between them. It enables customers to easily find the best deals and discover the best business providers in their area, while also assisting retailers to easily get listed in the near-by massive database and market their best products and services

Our Vision

We have a clear vision of connecting local businesses with diversified customers and bridging the gap between them. We help local merchants to discover new customers and their tastes and interests accordingly. As well, we enable our customers to discover the best dealers from among the various local businesses listed on our website. At the end of the day, we ensure both the customers and local businesses are satisfied with our services, which helps us to strengthen our brand further.

Our Mission

We founded near-by.in with the goal of assisting local retailers in finding new customers for their products and services, as well as consumers in discovering the best deals across a variety of local companies in their area. 
Through our website near-by.in, we make things easier for both local retailers and customers in the 21st century by creating a positive impact on both communities.
We are a team of dedicated employees who strive hard to meet the company’s goals and achieve the highest quality in customer service.